Where does the name "Nova Saige" come from?

  • We named our tea business after our baby girls, Nova Rylee & Nala Saige.

    What is a Cottage Food Operation?

    • A Cottage Food Operation is a home based business permitted by the Fresno County Department of Environmental Health to prepare, package, store, and handle certain approved foods. Buying from small businesses like Nova Saige Tea is a unique opportunity to boost the local food movement here in Fresno. Let’s make our community flourish!

    Why do you only ship throughout California?

    Due to California law, we are only allowed to ship our homemade tea blends within state lines. But we are building our business and hope to expand to eventually ship everywhere :)

    How can I trust that your facility is clean?

    • We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to many being concerned about their health. We share in these concerns and work diligently to ensure that we our facility is cleaned and sanitized. No children or pets are allowed near the kitchen while prepping and packaging. All items are food grade and used solely for Nova Saige Tea. We clean and sanitize our kitchen and materials before preparing tea. We also wear masks, hair/beard nets, and gloves. We are also certified food handlers under the watchful eye of the state of California health department.

    Are your herbal teas organic?

    • Some of our blends feature ingredients from our sources that are certified organic. For more information, please email us at novasaigetea@gmail.com.
    You sell herbal teas. That’s not considered real tea!
    • You caught us! Technically, yes. Most of our blends are what you would call herbal teas or tisanes.“Real” teas feature the actual tea leaf (Camellia sinensis). However, there are many forms of tea (herbs, flowers, etc) are celebrated and embraced throughout the world. 

     Loose-Leaf Tea vs. Tea Bags: Which is better?

    • Loose leaf tea is a combinations of dried tea leaves and/or herbs that can be steeped in water to yield the full benefits of the ingredients being steeped. When making a cup of tea using loose leaf tea, the tea can circulate through the boiling water and swell. This swelling means that the maximum amount of flavor and color can be extracted from the loose tea.  

    • Tea bags are made for mass production and many times undergo processes contents that severely diminish the quality of tea that a consumer receives. Considering how convenient tea bags are, we have taken the guess work out of drinking loose leaf tea. Our pre-portioned pouches are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of tea. For most our blends, just use boiling water and a sweetener of your choice!

     How do I use a tea steeper?

    Please check out our video here!

    Why are blends sold based on serving size?

    We make all of our blends to be made by the cup. It matters to us that each cup tastes exactly the same. So instead of our blends being sold by weight, we sell them according to each cup that you make. 

    Do you guys sell actual drinks?

    Not yet!  We do teach you how to make drinks using our teas from home. Check us out on IG @novasaigetea.

    Custom blends: I’m interested in just one-two ingredients within a blend. Can I get that?

    Sure! We’re willing to assist you. Please contact novasaigetea@gmail.com and we can get started on your custom order.




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