About Us

Meet Courtney and Tyjuan 

Tyjuan had been a tea drinker for years and introduced Courtney to loose leaf tea on their first date. Our whirlwind romance in the Windy City carried us to Fresno. We name our tea business after our baby girls, Nova and Nala Saige.

Like many people in 2020, we were looking for ways to mentally escape. The process of blending and tasting tea made us sit with ourselves long enough to be reminded of what matters most: wellness and family. Slowing down and savoring the present brought about so much clarity. Sip by sip, we learned to breathe deeply and  interrogate our thoughts. We tried new flavors and grew to be more playful, hopeful and ambitious.

We hope to use our tea to help others be reflective and learn how to care for their minds. Join us on a journey to reclaiming our bodies, embracing holistic wellness and learning to enjoy our humanity. Black joy lives here. Tea is where it’s at!